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Почему Линукс делает фанатические фанаты?

Собственно статейка:
Why Linux Breeds Fanatic Fans… and Google Doesn’t

(фанатические фанаты lol исправите как надо, если можно лучше roll )

Подумает человек, что фонатик вылечился, а нет - такое невозможно. lol

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Vlad Dolezal пишет:

Have you ever met fanatic Linux fans?

Yes, of course. neutral

Vlad Dolezal пишет:

You know, folks devotedly shouting that Linux is even better than sliced bread, that anybody still using Windows is stuck in the stone ages, that Linux has great anti-virus capabilities and it’s free and it’s awesome and…

Not to forget - it doesn't need defragmentation too. lol

Vlad Dolezal пишет:

And have you ever met a fanatic Google supporter?


Vlad Dolezal пишет:

I personally find there are plenty of fanatic Linux fans. But I haven’t met any fanatic Google fans yet. All the Google fans I have met (and there are millions of them) have been calm, almost matter-of-fact.


Vlad Dolezal пишет:

I’ve always wondered why that is. And I just found the answer in the book Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance:

Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance пишет:

You are never dedicated to something you have complete confidence in. No one is fanatically shouting that the sun is going to rise tomorrow. They know it’s going to rise tomorrow.

When people are fanatically dedicated to political or religious faiths, or any other kinds of dogmas or goals, it’s always because the dogmas or goals are in doubt.

Seems to be a good book. Will try to find it. smile

Vlad Dolezal пишет:

Fanaticism comes from insecurities

Yeah, that’s right. Linux fanatics feel insecure about Linux.

Now, hold it right there if you’re a Linux fanatic yourself! If you’re just getting ready to fire off an angry rebuttal and completely close your mind off to what I’m about to say, that’s your choice.

But as a Linux user, you’ve already shown you’re pretty open-minded. So how about you keep that great quality for a few minutes longer, and at least hear what I have to say. Then you can make up your mind if I have a point, or if I’m a raving lunatic who deserves an eternity in hell stuck with dial-up internet.

Great discovery. But some people are fanatics by nature.

Vlad Dolezal пишет:

I know the experience first-hand. I used to be a Linux fanatic myself.

Nooooooooooo. yikes  lol

Vlad Dolezal пишет:

But I’m not anymore. And now that I think of it, I stopped feeling fanatically passionate about Linux at right about the same time as I realized that…:

  • Linux is indeed the 100% right choice for me

  • Linux is not for everybody

  • There are a few quick questions I can ask someone to find out if I would recommend a Linux switch to them

Before that, I would preach the Linux way, and claim it’s the best operating system, the one operating system, the one true way to happiness and freedom and a salvation from the evils of Redmond!

No man, I thought you are cured, but you aren't. yikes
I'll correct it for you:

  • Linux works for you. It can't be 100% correct choice, nothing is.

  • Linux doesn't work for everybody. If it worked - its free, who will not use it?

  • No, its not that fast. If you are responsible, of course.

Vlad Dolezal пишет:

But I wasn’t quite sure about that. I mean, on the surface, I was 100% convinced. But deep inside, I had nagging doubts. I realized Linux wasn’t the best choice for everyone. (Or, rather, SWITCHING to Linux wasn’t the best choice. If they grew up using Linux, they would be better off than with Windows.) Heck, I wasn’t even quite sure if the choice was right for me, at the beginning!

Grew or not - it works, or it doesn't.
I grew up with Linux, I like it, but it doesn't work for me.
I'm a desktop software user, not a server OS administrator. tongue
But I don't stop to try and try... big_smile

Vlad Dolezal пишет:

And it’s the same reason I never fanatically promoted using the Dvorak keyboard layout. Because from day one, I realized it’s not for everybody.

It doesn't work for everybody. See the difference?
You are still a that stupid Linux fanatic boy attitude...
Kinda - It works for everybody, but its not for everybody since most people are stupid, but only you (and a few other chosen Linux fanatics lol ) are a genius. mad
Right? lol

Vlad Dolezal пишет:

Why Google has luke-warm fans

Google’s fans are very different from those red-hot fiery passionate Linux fanatics. Why?

Because everybody is confident about Google’s superiority. Everybody knows they provide the best search. Everybody knows they provide the best web-based e-mail. (If you haven’t tried GMail yet, do so!)

A fanatic shouting that Google is the best search engine would be like someone fanatically claiming that the Sun will rise tomorrow.

And people would look at him the same way. Of course Google is the best search engine! Nobody doubts that!

Somewhat true...

Vlad Dolezal пишет:

Why fanatics don’t convert people

Here’s the thing, Linux supporters. Fanaticism doesn’t convert.

Because deep inside, people realize that fanaticism comes from insecurities. They might not realize it on a surface level, but fanaticism simply turns them off.

Of course, and as I said - because fanatism sometimes comes from inside. tongue
And no one wants to have mad friend (of course, if he isn't mad too lol ).

Vlad Dolezal пишет:

That’s why I developed a few quick questions that I ask people to find out if a switch to Linux would be good for them:

  • How many hours per week do you use your computer?
    Because if they use it 1 hour per week, there would be no point in switching. Also, if they give me a large number, I can later use that as a leverage to explain how much the smaller differences add up.

  • What do you use your computer for most of the time?
    I generally get web browsing, e-mail, and computer games as the answers. I can later tailor the explanation of why Linux is better to their specific needs. Also, rarely, I find out a switch wouldn’t be right for them.

  • Do you use any highly specialized software?
    Generally, this is Photoshop, and some business-specific programs.

U see man, u ended at it. lol
Linux doesn't work for everybody.

Vlad Dolezal пишет:

And you know what? For 95% of people, dual-boot is the best option. Windows for computer games and specialized software. Linux for everything else.

Or triple boot with PC-BSD? Or even quadruple boot with Solaris? hmm  lol
Install also as many as possible versions of them. Why not have 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98? lol  lol  lol

Vlad Dolezal пишет:

Because Linux is better for most tasks. It’s far better for web browsing because of the security architecture! It’s faster, more responsive, and more customizable.

Noooooooo, man you are a real fanatic, you are just at remission.
What a security architecture? You don't know what you are talking about. lol

Vlad Dolezal пишет:

And, using Linux is fun

And a waste of time, after you grade from the college. lol

Vlad Dolezal пишет:

But you see, I’m not fanatically claiming that Linux is 100% better, and it’s the best choice 100% of the time. I’m past that stage.

Vlad Dolezal пишет:

Because Linux is better for most tasks. It’s far better for web browsing because of the security architecture! It’s faster, more responsive, and more customizable.

Who claimed that? I?

Vlad Dolezal пишет:

So whenever you learn a new ideology… stop trying to convert everybody and their dog!

WOW!!! yikes  yikes  yikes
I thought Linux is an OS? yikes  roll
It ended to be an ideology? How that is possible?
lol  lol  lol

Vlad Dolezal пишет:

Instead, figure out who is your new ideology right for. Then ask questions to find out if the person you’re talking to is a good fit.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, you are a church? yikes  mad
Or maybe a mosque? lol

Vlad Dolezal пишет:

It keeps the wrong people out. More importantly, it also improves your chances of convincing the right people.

Right people? Wrong people? What a division... yikes
You are the right, all the other are the wrong and...
...why not the stupid one? tongue  lol

Vlad Dolezal пишет:

So there you go. Next time you’re hoping to convince someone, don’t go all fanatic-like on them. Instead, clearly state the benefits for them, and also why it might not be the right choice for them. You’ll improve your chances.

So there you go crazy stupid fanatic. lol  lol  lol
Monkey lies, your [censored] cries. big_smile

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